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                                                              Dear web visitors! 

We’re glad to call your attention to this unique information resource that is exclusive in our Republic of Belarus.

Our web-site «Construction innovations» was being created with the assistance of The Ministry Of Architecture and Construction and made a good position in the Global Network.

In our web-site you can found actual information about innovation developments in the building industry of the different categories (such as building materials, production and constructions, building technology, construction machinery and mechanisms, economy and law, reliability and etc.). Also you can get to know Belorussian innovative structure and new events in innovative sphere, found legal acts and many different articles about innovative activity in our republic and abroad.

Yet there is some information about our organization, so you can learn in details activity our organization "NII Stroyekonomika" Open Joint Stock Company and its organization departments, services and introduced developments.

We hope, that this information will be actual  for you and you can put this knowledge into practice.

We are ready for mutually beneficial collaboration!

Yours faithfully,
Director "NII Stroyekonomika"  Joint Stock Company 
Petr Jabko

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