Our service

Specialists of our enterprise do research  works in such  sphere as:

  • improvement of economic relations among participants of the investment building circle;
  • improvement of the valuation system, tariffication system, system of the remuneration and stimulation of worker labour in the building trade;
  • economic analysis of the building organizations and enterprises activity;
  • organization of the building planning system and business planning system on the building trade organizations;
  • methodology of the building trade legal regulation and economic evaluation of the legal resolutions consequences;
  • forming of the competitive environment on the building service market, learning its conjuncture;
  • using modern information technology in building;
  • methodology of the bookkeeping, analytical, management accounting and using these accounting results.


Also  specialist of our enterprise develop for contract organization and plant facilities of the building trade such documents as:

  • business  plan (program) of the major investment scheme in the building trade;
  • readjustment plan and business plan;
  • business plan of the investment projects;
  • expert’s report on business plan and other documents, which are used in investment building activity;
  • scheme of the logistic management of financial, economic and intellectual resources;
  • industrial labour cost standard in the building trade;
  • methodological documents collection for using in the practical work;
  • competitive documentation on tender. 



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